4 Top Fabulous French Bulldog Colors

French bulldogs are undoubtedly listed as one of the most popular dog breeds. They are energetic, playful, and ready to cheer you up anytime. Moreover, they are intelligent and, most importantly, irresistible due to their cute and affectionate nature.

However, if you plan to buy new Frenchies for your family, it is often difficult to decide which French bulldog color you prefer as they are various colors available in this breed with some physical variations.

To that end, we have compiled the French bulldog's list to help you decide which would be the best pick for you.

4 Best French Bulldog Colors You Should Know About

There are different color coat variations of Frechnies, but here we are discussing the four most popular and famous ones.

1.      Red Fawn French Bulldog

Usually, the color of this breed is somewhere between reddish and tan. It is a standard color of Frenchies and doesn't have spots on their body. Though they have a solid color, there are a few exceptions to the color.

Sometimes, there are other color markings around the ears and head. These markings are usually darker than other parts of the body. They are known as one of the beautiful French Bulldogs Colors.

2.      Blue Fawn French Bulldog

The blue fawn French bulldog is genuinely a spectacular sight that anyone has ever had a chance to witness. They are attractive, unique, and a bit exotic. Do you have a question in mind what made them blue?

Well, it is because of the recession and dilution of the black gene. Generally, they have a darker blue fawn shade with a blue hue prominent on the back and ears. Sometimes, it is on the mask area. However, it is a standard color and may vary depending on the percentage and gene.

3.      Black Frenchie

Black French Bulldogs are solid black-colored Frenchies without any markings. Their coat is smooth and glossy, making them shine. They do not have shades or markings on their body; they are just reasonably black.

Due to their solid color, they are prevalent among pet parents. If you want to buy them, you can see plenty of options on the pet adoption websites. Though the color is not unique and different, one still very trendy, and the best part is you can never go wrong with the black Frenchie.

4.      Brown French Bulldog

Brown Frenchie or Chocolate French Bulldog is similar to the blue Frenchies because of their base color. For instance, chocolate Frenchies come in different base colors like chocolate pied or chocolate brindle. Though, these colors are scarce.

Another similarity between blue Frenchie and brown Frenchie is that the recession and dilution of a gene form both colors. The brown French bulldog color ranges from light chocolate to dark brown. Moreover, their eyes also have different colors like gold, yellow, green, and more.


Regardless of French Bulldogs Colors and physical appearances, they can be your genuine family member. They are bright, intelligent, energetic, and ready to play anytime. You can make them part of your house to brighten your days.

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