4 Reasons Why French Bulldogs Friendly with Kids

French bulldogs are one of the most famous American pet toys. People, especially kids, love to cuddle and play with it. Their stable attitude and energetic nature have made them a preferable choice for most families.

However, many more qualities of French bulldogs have made them popular among the families, and we bet you don't know all of them.

This article will touch on the details associated with the temperament and behavior of French bulldogs and how are French bulldogs friendly with the kids. Let's dive straight into it!

4 Reasons Why French Bulldogs Friendly with Kids

With consistent training sessions and proper interaction with the surroundings, French bulldogs can top the list of the most friendly pets. Here are the reasons that make the Frenchies and children best companions.

1.      True Companions

Frenchies are breaded to be the companions to the humans. In other words, they can be referred to as lap pets giving only positive energy. The different breeds in England were initially tested for a friendlier version of pets.

Subsequently, Frenchies show the qualities of a faithful companion, including loyalty, being sociable, energetic, playful, and people-oriented. These properties have made them an exclusive part of families with kids as they are the happiest pets interacting more with humans.

2.      French Bulldog Lifespan and Other Aspects

 Typically, the small breed dogs are too fragile for the kids making them less suitable. However, Frenchies can live up to the expectations. Due to their heritage, they are durable and sturdy.

Furthermore, French bulldogs are also suitable for kids due to their lifespan of 10 to 13 years and a smaller size ranging from 11-13 inches approximately. They weigh up to 30lbs, making them small yet sturdy and durable. Though they are strong, parental assistance is needed while kids enjoy its company.

3.      Frenchies are Quiet Pets

French bulldog puppies are considered a calm and quiet breed compared to other small-sized pet dogs. That does not mean they don't like to talk, though. They are talkative and love to communicate with their pet parent.

The Frenchies don't like to make loud barking sounds that might scare kids. Instead, they make strange noises like gargles, yawns, and a bit of yodeling sounds that entertain small kids. French bulldogs can bring peace to your house.

4.      French Bulldogs are Energetic

According to research, the French bulldog temperament is moderate compared to other dog breeds. They are energetic and lively, promoting them to match a kid's hyperactive levels easily. Keeping in mind, they don't go rough with the kids; somewhat, they match their intensity with them.

While playing and socializing with the kids, French bulldogs are the happiest. They love to spend time with their owners. Furthermore, it is good for them to have at least 1 hour of exercise each day with moderate intensity games like catching a ball or playing with the kids.

Bottom line

After getting enough knowledge about French bulldogs' friendly nature and temperament, getting your kids Frenchies is a good idea. It will give your child a companion to play with and help them build self-confidence.


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