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Electronic Flea Removing Comb

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Chemical-free, environment-friendly flea and lice treatment for your pet. This device instantly vacuums head lice and eggs (nits) including super lice.

Causes no harm to pets. Ensures rapid kill of adult fleas, ticks, larvae, and eggs compared to standard flea combs.

An efficient method of flea control: Teeth of the Electronic Flea Removing Comb kills and removes fleas at adult, egg, and larvae stages to tackle pet flea problems. Comfortable to use: Push-button control, an ergonomic and fitting design for ease of use.

Poison- and chemical-free: Alternative method of control for fleas and ticks as opposed to powders, yet still effective in destroying pests on contact. Safe for use around children.

Type: Dogs
Material: plastic
material: ABS
Suitable for: cats and dogs
style 1: Electronic Flea Comb
style 2: Electric Flea Comb
style 3: Pet insect repellent