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Petdroid Feeder

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As much as we all love our Frenchies, there are times when we, unfortunately, have to leave them home alone. Whether you have to stay late at work one night, or your dog walker calls in sick, it can be tough on both you and your dog to be apart. But there's one thing we can do to help make life a little bit better for them: get them on a regular feeding schedule.

An automatic dog feeder can be a great choice for busy pet parents and their pups.

Open the lid and load the food into Petdroid Feeder.  Set up the remote control within the specified range and just relax, 

Effective control distance is 20-25 meters, up to 50 meters without signal interference.

Item Type: Bowls
Volume: 200g
Volume: 500g
Volume: 250g
Volume: 50g
Volume: 100g
Volume: 100ml
Volume: 200ml
Volume: 250ml
Volume: 150ml
Applicable Dog Breed: Universal
Type: Dogs
Material: plastic