frenchies snuffle ball
frenchies snuffle ball
frenchies snuffle ball
frenchies snuffle ball

Frenchies Snuffle Ball

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If you’re not using treat-dispensing toys with your dog, you’re missing out on one of the greatest training inventions.

These wonderful tools and toys can help you with a long list of dog-training and -management challenges, including boredom-busting, excessively fast eating, high-energy consumption, building mental skills, counter-conditioning, redirecting inappropriate behavior, and much more.

Frenchies Snuffle Ball is perfect for dogs who eat too quickly and are at constant risk of choking on a bowlful of unchewed food or inhaling bits of their food. Sniffing out and retrieving bits of food from the many ball crevices is guaranteed to slow down the most ravenous speed-eater.

Toss in the washing machine when they start getting sticky, or stinky.

Brand Name: ABQP
Type: Dogs
Set Type: no
Toys Type: Balls